Koala Mobile

Well, at Koala Mobile, we believe in three things that will make your experience with us make you want to come back for more and recommend us to your friends and family.

So how do you intend to do all of the above? By sourcing our products from reputable suppliers we guarantee top quality products - the majority of which are the same products you can buy from the big retailers on the high street. Because of our lower overheads and operating costs, we can pass those savings on to you - rather than inflating our profits. All of our products do require some packaging. However, if we feel that any item is over packaged when we take delivery, we reduce this and recycle the stuff we have removed. The packaging that remains is then recyclable in your designated bin at home. All of our postage material is also fully recyclable. At our market venues we provide a package disposal bin, so we take care of the recycling for you. We also operate an almost paperless office to save wastage.