CCTVPHONE surveillance systems are ready to be viewed via mobile smartphone. Our Digital Surveillance Solutions are designed for a wide range of scenarios, including: Retail, Education, Banking, Gaming, Government, Healthcare, Hotel & Leisure and Transportation. This solution combines the very latest technology in CCTV. We offer Installation of CCTV Systems in Surrey and Berkshire area. How do I view my surveillance CCTV cameras with my smartphone? With the recent advances of smartphone technology such as the Apple iPhone these devices are suited to real-time CCTV images being displayed on their colour touch screens. With internet connectivity such as WiFi or fast 3G/4G (LTE) data access, the reality of connecting directly to your CCTV camera system is now common place. What do you need? Working from the CCTV camera onwards, the CCTV images from the cameras are sent to the phone in the normal way using the internet.