Living without a smartphone nowadays is simply unimaginable. This little electronic device is something we rely on a lot in our everyday lives. We use our mobile phones for connecting and keeping in touch with people, we use them for work, we use them for collecting memories and storing important information, we use them for fun. However, if you are currently looking for a new smartphone you want to purchase an upgrade from your older model one, you may definitely feel overwhelmed by all the impressive choice and variety available on the international market.

Indeed, there are so many new models of smartphones, a plethora of brands, new launches, etc. so it becomes hard and even stressful to choose one that will meet your needs, fit your budget, and overall feel like the best addition for your everyday life. This short but handy guide to shopping for the right smartphone for you will provide you with some useful tips and ideas that can help you make the best choice or at least narrow down your choice to the few options that you will find most functional and convenient to use on an everyday basis.

Choose the right operating system

The two most popular smartphone operating systems you will spot on the market are iOS and Android. Generally, many users will tell you that iOS is considered to be easier to use operating system, while Android provided you with more choice. Opt for an iPhone with an iOS operating system if you want something really easy to use and get used to. With an iOS operating system, you can also take advantage of getting all the hottest apps first along with timeliest software updates. However, Android offers significantly more hardware choices and usually more affordable options, so you have a great variety of choice if you opt for Android.

It can get very easy to get swept away and get tempted by all the newest launches and hottest new smartphone on the market. Most of the popular brands and companies in the field will offer at least one new launch and product every year. However, you don’t have to constantly upgrade your device and buy a new smartphone if your older one is working ok and you are happy with the quality. Don’t forget that the newest smartphones often are a pretty serious investment and they require a serious budget.

Consider the size of the screen

When considering buying a new smartphone, don’t forget to consider the size of the screen and think of what size will best suit you and meet your needs. In case you want to be able to use your phone with just one hand, you better opt for a smaller-sized smartphone screen. In case your hands are smaller, a phone with a small size of a screen is also the better option and the more comfortable to use. However, if you mainly use your smartphone for watching videos, playing games, and or even taking advantage of the multiwindow mode provided by Android, you are recommended to choose a device with a bigger and wider screen.

Don’t pay too much attention to camera megapixels

Yep, the quality of the phone’s camera is, nowadays, one of the most important features for the majority of users along with the battery life. However, megapixels are no longer the one and only criteria for being able to take high-quality photos with your phone. When looking for a smartphone with an amazing camera, make sure to pay attention to specs such as aperture, along with special features such as dual lenses, optical image stabilization, etc.

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