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Unlocking is the name given to the practice of changing the settings on your mobile phone so that you can use any SIM card with it. Mobile phone networks around the world often lock the handsets they sell in order to keep you as a customer once your contract with them expires, or once you decide you can find a better deal somewhere else. Locked phones mean customers have less choice. In the UK, Ofcom (the telecoms regulator) allows companies to lock mobiles because they often come subsidised at point of sale. We're an independent, experienced electronics company specialising in all areas of mobile phone hardware and software. We started up as a television repair company in 1990 but later in 1996 our two directors decided to launch a company that would take a strong, transparent, ethical and client focused approach to repairs and unlocking.

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136 Whitechapel Road

Shoreditch, E1 1JE
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