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We are Repair My Phone Today, servicing all your electronics repair needs. Free Diagnostics, for a computer store near me, iPhone screen repair oxford, or apple computer repair near me. Nothing is worse than paying for diagnostics, after all, you already knew something was wrong, right?

At Repair My Phone Today you’ll never pay a dime for us to break the bad news, as it should be. While the bad news is, something’s definitely up with your phone, computer, or tablet the good news is we’ll diagnose it, and provide a free quote for repair at any of our convenient locations, either by walk-in, mail, or appointment. We are a computer and phone repair shop, that has the success rates you need, no matter if it's for a data recovery process, or apple store experience or just a flash drive with lost files, we will earn your trust!

Water Damage Repair Whether it’s a few drops, or a whole lot of water, if you’re iPhone, tablet or laptop is acting up after being exposed to water, it may have taken a swim without your wishes. As you know, Apple care does NOT cover water damage but luckily Repair My Phone Today offers water damage repair for all iPhones, laptops and tablets at the lowest cost to you. We are servicing all models of Macbooks, Imacs and PC Desktop and Laptop computers.

We also service all models of iPhones and smartphones including tablet repairs. We also do micro soldering and HDD/SSD data retrieval back up drive or device. We have accessories for smartphones/tablets and computers. We have 15 years experience in the business. We also buy and sell electronic devices. Stop By and check us out sometime. Best Prices Around.
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7 New Inn Hall St

Oxford, OX1 2DH
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